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Some of the guys at my local game club have decided to embark on a new gaming adventure, with a foray into the American War of Independence.  Tom and Wes will be Colonial generals, while Randy and I have both taken the kings’ shilling. We’ve each got a Warlord Games starter box, and intend using Black Powder rules.

My progress so far has been three line units, undercoated and built, plus a small group of skirmishers. We’re starting with 20-man units and upgrading to larger ones as we get more units ready for battle.

warlord_awi_british_004 warlord_awi_british_002 warlord_awi_british_003 warlord_awi_british_001


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I just posted my first wargaming hobby video – a quick tour of my new game room! I recently moved house, and in between work and unpacking endless boxes, I’ve been gradually putting together my own space to game, paint, or just read the latest rulebook!


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