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It was a big weekend for me, hobby-wise! On Saturday, my gaming group celebrated the launch of Flames of War version 4 by putting on an event at our local Hobby Town store. I think it was a big success, and there were a number of newcomers who wandered in and shared in the fun. We had a number of new starter boxes, so some of us were busy sticking Grant and Crusader tanks together, while on other tables, people were taking the new rules for their first official outing.

Then on Sunday, a couple of us got together to play our first Sharp Practice game. It’s been our intent to do some AWI gaming for several months now, but for one reason or another it hasn’t happened. Finally, the stars aligned, and we got some small forces onto the table, along with some fantastic scratch-built buildings made by Randy and a Cigar Box terrain mat provided by club member, Tom.

Freshly glued tanks duke it out using the new rules and stat cards

Taking the Sharp Practice rules for a brisk Sunday afternoon walk.


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Last weekend I took a spontaneous trip to NJCon2016 after seeing it advertised in Wargames Illustrated Magazine. It was a pleasant drive, just a couple of hours from CT, and had a great selection of games and vendors.

I’ll let the pics do the talking, but the highlight for me was finally getting to at least observe a Chain of Command game in action. I have the rules, and tried learning them by myself, but nothing compares to seeing a game demo from an experienced player. And on such a gorgeous table too! It put my Pegasus Bridge set-up to shame!

There was a great group of vendors at the show as well – I picked up some more laser-cut terrain, some beautiful art prints from Winged Hussar, and the Black Powder supplement for The American Revolution. I’m not ready to jump into yet another period just yet, but I watched a game in progress, and it certainly seemed interesting. And I do live in New England after all!

NJCon2016_001 NJCon2016_002 NJCon2016_003 NJCon2016_004 NJCon2016_005 NJCon2016_AWI_001 NJCon2016_AWI_002 NJCon2016_AWI_003 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_001 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_002 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_003 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_004 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_005 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_006 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_007 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_008

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Yesterday morning I took a trip to the famous Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market. Among the dusty antiques, and the rusty old tools, my eye caught a glimpse of the gem you see below. A copy of the First Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle boxed set.

I’m planning on playing a demo of the game, just to see how it worked, and I can already see from flicking through the pages that it will be fun!


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I just got back from a work trip to Berlin. It was a whirlwind tour, but I got a few moments to take some pics that I think would be interesting to wargamers. It’s an amazing city, with amazing people. Enjoy!




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After four successive days of non-stop wargaming madness, my trip to Historicon 2015 is over. I had an amazing time, due in no small part the fact that my CT gaming buddy Tom was able to join me this year, and we are both certain to head their again next year, as seasoned veterans!

Last year’s trip was a blur to me, especially with serious travel delays followed by an all-day tournament, so this year I opted to commit to less, and just go with the flow. I’m glad I did. For starters, I too several painting (and sculpting!) classes that taught me some neat tricks, and I also enjoyed dipping in and out of a number of games that I never normally would be exposed to.

If I had to compare the event to last year, it felt roughly the same size, perhaps a little bigger, but there weren’t as many giant eye-catching games. The overall quality of the games though was definitely better, especially the terrain.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

The token, "First table I saw" pic!

The token, “First table I saw” pic!


Road Warrior models – Ilan this one’s for you!


Miniature Building Authority display.


Flags from the Flag Dude – arguably my favorite modeling accessory ever!


Flames of War Doubles Tournament


D-Day – still wondering how models in the middle of the table are moved.


Tom’s final doubles game.


The French move into position!


Closely fought game.


Wonderful terrain set-up.


Battlefront’s winter-themed board.


Some of the tables set up for the FOW Nationals.


Warlord Games Sculptor, Wojtek teaching a sculpting class. Amazing talent!


Wojtek shows how to sculpt faces.


An impressive American Civil War battlefield.


More terrain goodness.


Carnage and Glory Napoleonic game.


My favorite looking game of the convention. A mind-numbingly huge table with a staggering amount of Celts and Romans battling over it.


Not only were there countless numbers of models, but they were very well painted as well.


And they were nearly all metal to my knowledge!


Wargaming The Sound of Music.


Pike and Shotte, English Civil War.




The second “I can’t believe how big this table is” table of the con.


The Celt battle line.


My first game of Pike and Shotte – commanding a Battalia of cavalry.


Holding the right flank.


Bracing for the cavalry clash.


A splendid-looking sight.


A view from the left end of the table.


Despite the collapse of the opposing right flank, the gradual grinding down of our forces led to a slim victory for our opponents.


Look what I won!


My Flames of War Fallschirmjager platoon. Very proud of these guys!


Get ready for take-off!

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It’s been a busy few weeks at the painting table, and I’m now proud to unveil my British Paratroopers ready to do battle for Pegasus Bridge. Without further ado…


British Paras ready to fight!


The completed British Paratrooper force


6pdr AT Gun


Sherman Firefly


Heavy Machine Gun


Red Devils Recce Jeeps


Para Command Team and Major John Howard


Light Mortar Team


Para Squad 1


Para Squad 2



But wait there’s more! While I already have a fully-painted German army, I wanted to have some that are based in the same way as the Paras and the Pegasus Bridge board, so I started working on some of those as well. Here’s the first squad:

bolt-action-german-squad-1 bolt-action-german-squad-2 bolt-action-german-squad-3

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