Flames of War V4 and Sharp Practice

It was a big weekend for me, hobby-wise! On Saturday, my gaming group celebrated the launch of Flames of War version 4 by putting on an event at our local Hobby Town store. I think it was a big success, and there were a number of newcomers who wandered in and shared in the fun. We had a number of new starter boxes, so some of us were busy sticking Grant and Crusader tanks together, while on other tables, people were taking the new rules for their first official outing.

Then on Sunday, a couple of us got together to play our first Sharp Practice game. It’s been our intent to do some AWI gaming for several months now, but for one reason or another it hasn’t happened. Finally, the stars aligned, and we got some small forces onto the table, along with some fantastic scratch-built buildings made by Randy and a Cigar Box terrain mat provided by club member, Tom.

Freshly glued tanks duke it out using the new rules and stat cards

Taking the Sharp Practice rules for a brisk Sunday afternoon walk.


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