FOW Market Garden Campaign Game

The local game club have been playing a summer Flames of War campaign, and yesterday my friend, Wes and I played through a game. Using the Firestorm: Market Garden campaign system, we fought over the recently captured Valkenswaard Road, with my Grenadiers trying to push Wes’s Canadians back, and halt the Allied advance.

It also happened to be the first game played in my new game room. I’m still in the process of unpacking, re-organizing, and ultimately building a new table, so forgive the mish-mash of terrain used!

Initial dispositions. Playing the “Free for all” scenario, our goal would be to capture the two objectives placed in each others’ deployment area.


One of Wes’s Sherman platoons makes a dash down their right flank, while a rifle platoon uses cover to defend an objective.


Despite mauling a beleaguered Grenadier platoon, the Firefly failed it’s bog check on the hedgerow, and without being able to withdraw from the assault, was lost.


Using the church and surrounding buildings as cover, one of the Canadian rifle platoons contests an objective. If the game would’ve lasted a turn or two more, this could have been a bloodbath!


Wes’s remaining Sherman’s managed to significantly out-manouver my Panther’s, pouring a rain of shells into their sides and rear. Somehow, the German armor managed to survive, camping on the objective for a close, hard-fought win.




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