NJCon 2016 – Fire in the East

Last weekend I took a spontaneous trip to NJCon2016 after seeing it advertised in Wargames Illustrated Magazine. It was a pleasant drive, just a couple of hours from CT, and had a great selection of games and vendors.

I’ll let the pics do the talking, but the highlight for me was finally getting to at least observe a Chain of Command game in action. I have the rules, and tried learning them by myself, but nothing compares to seeing a game demo from an experienced player. And on such a gorgeous table too! It put my Pegasus Bridge set-up to shame!

There was a great group of vendors at the show as well – I picked up some more laser-cut terrain, some beautiful art prints from Winged Hussar, and the Black Powder supplement for The American Revolution. I’m not ready to jump into yet another period just yet, but I watched a game in progress, and it certainly seemed interesting. And I do live in New England after all!

NJCon2016_001 NJCon2016_002 NJCon2016_003 NJCon2016_004 NJCon2016_005 NJCon2016_AWI_001 NJCon2016_AWI_002 NJCon2016_AWI_003 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_001 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_002 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_003 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_004 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_005 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_006 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_007 NJCon2016_Pegasus_Bridge_008


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