Sound the Pas de Charge!

It’s been well over two years in the making, but I finally feel ready to show off the beginnings of my Napoleonic French army.

This has been an incredible learning experience. I don’t doubt there are mistakes in the colors I’ve painted certain things, and there are a few details I’ve deliberately decided I’ll go back and paint later, but for models I feel good about putting on the table and committing to battle, I believe they’re ready!

I still have a very long way to go before I have a number of battalions, but I intend to keep chipping away until I have enough to play a meaningful game of Black Powder. I’ve stuck pretty much to 20-man units, but will fill those out more in the future.

I also have a few British units completed, but I’ll do a couple more before I post those.

napoleonic_perry_french_colonel napoleonic_perry_french napoleonic_perry_french2 napoleonic_perry_french_colonel2 napoleonic_perry_french3


3 thoughts on “Sound the Pas de Charge!

  1. Those really look fantastic. I’m blown away by the flags!! How did you do them?

    Am I right in thinking this is 25mm?

    In game-terms, you have 3 battalions of line infantry, and a regiment of dragoons, right? Just curious, what do you think you want to paint up next? The options are overwhelming! Some Old Guard Grenadiers? Some Light Infantry (blue pants! much easier to paint!)? A cannon? Some Cuirassier with awesome black horses?

    I love the plumage and pompoms for each…company? I remember the big red plums are the Grenadiers, the green plumes are the Voltigeurs. They came out awesome!

    I’m really blown away! Fantastic job, man!

  2. Wow, thanks Bob! Yes, these are some of the 28mm models I bought, back when I lived here the first time – it’s been a long-term labor of love!

    The flags are from – I cannot recommend them enough, they look awesome, are really easy to use and the guy who owns the business is super helpful. I have a bunch of ACW flag in 15mm from him too.

    Next on the painting table are some French cannon and a unit of Highlanders. I’m trying to alternate between painting a unit for each nation, but I got into a real rhythm painting French line, so I kept going! Funny you mention Cuirassier – I do have the riders for them painted, I should finish those too!

    Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, it was a tough project to begin, but now I’m finding it really rewarding. I’ll post the next installment soon.

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