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This weekend I completed my first battery of French Napoleonic Artillery, for Black Powder. They’re a really fun kit to put together, and great sculpts too – I have to admit, that while the Victrix kits take the longest to put together, the variety of pieces means you really can make a unique looking unit.

victrix french napoleonic foot artillery 004 victrix french napoleonic foot artillery 003 victrix french napoleonic foot artillery 001 victrix french napoleonic foot artillery 002

I also picked up some new Vallejo textured basing pumice. Now, I don’t usually like mixing up the overall look and feel of bases in an army once I’ve started, but this stuff looks so good, I might go back and apply it to the units I’ve already done. In the past I’ve used the white pumice, and painted over it. This time I tried one that’s already painted brown – it’s a much lighter shade than I’ve ever used before, but I love it!

Last comment – basing. I considered putting each cannon and crew on a single large base, but decided there’s more flexibility in basing everything separately.

Next unit on the paint table will be finishing my Highlanders unit, and a mounted British officer. Once those are done, I’ll post pics of the Brits I’ve completed so far!


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It’s been well over two years in the making, but I finally feel ready to show off the beginnings of my Napoleonic French army.

This has been an incredible learning experience. I don’t doubt there are mistakes in the colors I’ve painted certain things, and there are a few details I’ve deliberately decided I’ll go back and paint later, but for models I feel good about putting on the table and committing to battle, I believe they’re ready!

I still have a very long way to go before I have a number of battalions, but I intend to keep chipping away until I have enough to play a meaningful game of Black Powder. I’ve stuck pretty much to 20-man units, but will fill those out more in the future.

I also have a few British units completed, but I’ll do a couple more before I post those.

napoleonic_perry_french_colonel napoleonic_perry_french napoleonic_perry_french2 napoleonic_perry_french_colonel2 napoleonic_perry_french3

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