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Yesterday morning I took a trip to the famous Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market. Among the dusty antiques, and the rusty old tools, my eye caught a glimpse of the gem you see below. A copy of the First Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle boxed set.

I’m planning on playing a demo of the game, just to see how it worked, and I can already see from flicking through the pages that it will be fun!



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Kings of War Demo

Myself and fellow Ordo Ineptus club member, Rod, played a couple of small games of Kings of War this weekend. I think it went really well! While the rules are significantly more streamlined than Warhammer Fantasy Battle, ultimately you end up with a very similar result, in less time.

Here’s a few pics – the second game we played involved two “hordes” on each side.

I’m excited with the prospect of dusting off my old Fantasy armies for this game. It may even motivate me to finally get my Ogres painted!


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