Let’s Build Pegasus Bridge Part 7

Here we go! There’s still quite a few details I want to work on, but I’ve got the basic table set up to a standard I am happy to play on, which is convenient because I haven’t gamed in nearly three months!

I still have a number of models to paint, and also have a horsa glider model to put together, which I anticipate completing in the new year.










Like I said, I’m still going to work on the table and will likely post some battle reports once I get a few games in, but as far as the step by step guide goes, I think I’ve finished.

I really hope this is a useful guide. This was one of the longest, most complex modeling projects I’ve done to date. The bridge alone is daunting! But with patience and planning, it’s been incredibly rewarding.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Build Pegasus Bridge Part 7

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  2. I would be really grateful if the owner of this model would get in touch with me. I am involved in the new feature film production on Pegasus Bridge and would like the Production Designer to be able to have a good look at this close up for the building of the set. I am aware there’s numerous ones on line, but this is the best I have seen at this scale.

    • Thanks! It took roughly five months, just working evenings and weekends. The only part that took real dedication was painting the main section of the bridge – that was a solid week of painting nothing but grey!

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