Let’s Build Pegasus Bridge Part 6

Yuletide greetings everyone! Today I’m pleased to finally post some pictures of the actual bridge itself. Before I do, let me just say, this has far and away been the longest time it’s taken me to ever paint a model. The first coat of metal alone took a good three weeks of painting grey every evening! It could have been faster if I’d sprayed it somehow, but I was determined to do it by hand and finally have the finished model.

It’s also worth pointing out, I pretty much followed the Warlord Games painting guide for this part of the project. I’ll mention where I deviated below. On with the pictures!


The first base coat of dark grey was added. It took a few layers, and in hindsight, I’d recommend spraying this part. There are so many hard to reach areas that you’ll need to go in with a brush afterwards anyway.


Next I added two successively lighter shades of grey, making sure to leave the recesses dark.


The concrete was also painted grey. I’m going to go back and add some weathering and blending to the two end edges, so it matches the ground cover.


When the metal and concrete were done, I started working on the wooden planking. First, a quick coat of dark brown.


Something I did differently to Warlord here. I didn’t like how the lines they marked looked so straight, so I cut some irregular patterns out of a coffee stirring stick and used it like a ruler, flipping it and rotating it every few lines to give a less formulaic pattern.


Here I added the following shade of brown, followed by a light drybrush of a beige color. To finish, I dropped some Agrax Earthshade over the top.


With the basic colors complete, it was time to add the finishing touches, like weathering. I used a variety of inks, and a sponge to add the various looks described in the Warlord guide.


I added grease around the pivot point, and chipping on the edges of the steps.


The final thing to do was paint the… well actually, I don’t know what they’re called! Check point barriers? Anyway, they were painted white, and then blocks of black followed by red were added.


This completes the bridge for now! I’ve started pulling everything together to see how it looks and will try and get some pictures of the near-complete table over the next couple of days before Christmas!


One thought on “Let’s Build Pegasus Bridge Part 6

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