Let’s Build Pegasus Bridge Part 3

I’ve been continuing to work on my Pegasus Bridge table over the past few weeks, but it was only yesterday I realized I hadn’t posted any updates! Here’s the latest:


After pasting the boards and covering them with sand, I sprayed all of them black. This would act as a base for adding the various terrain effects; the dirt, roadways, grass etc.


The first coat of brown paint went on. This was the first of three stages of color; a dark brown, medium brown and then a very light dusting of a highlight. It’s the same effect I used on my North Africa boards.


Let me know if anyone wants to know what specific colors I used. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer, it’s a case of personal preference. I could’ve made my base shade darker.

Also, as much as I wanted to just work on one board at a time, get it painted, highlighted, and then start adding flock and other features, it’s very important to stay disciplined and work on one step at a time across all the boards, otherwise you might miss a step, and the whole table won’t have a unified look.


Next I added a very dark grey base color the roadways. I was careful to blend it as closely with the dirt in places where it sloped together across the edges, just to make it look more natural.


Adding the first stage of highlighting.


Adding the final drybrush of a bleached bone kind of color.


Here’s a close-up of the texture.


The finished painted board. I blame the camera lighting – there are some very harsh tones on this picture that aren’t so noticeable on the actual board.


Next I went in and started adding planking the walls of the trenches. Simply coffee stir sticks cut into a few varying sizes. This took longer than I had expected, but the finished effect looks great.

IMG_1252 IMG_1253

I used a couple of models to check the scale of the wood planking. At first I thought they might be too thick. I debated pulling the wood off and splitting them all in half, which would’ve taken even longer, but I think it’s passable as-is.

IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1256

Adding the cobblestone patio to the side of the Cafe Gondree. I used a pack of HO scale plastic sheeting for this. I could’ve added it way back when I was adding the sand, but rest of the groundwork has an exaggerated texture, whereas this is more subtle.


Once the putty is dry, I’ll go in and paint everything.



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