Let’s Build Pegasus Bridge Part 2

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything on my Pegasus Bridge project. It’s been slow, but steady progress – there are so many components to this table, there’s always something else to work on while you’re waiting for other things to dry, so forgive the photo subjects bouncing around a bit. Here’s the play-by-play.

With the bridge, bunker and cafe built, I set about laying things out on the table to get a sense of where everything would fit.


While waiting for the insulation sheets to dry, I started painting the buildings.


I wanted to raise the roads a little, to differentiate them from the regular ground, so I used a few sheets of foamboard, with masking tape on the edges to give a slight grade.


I found this super light filler putty, which I added over the masking tape. It strengthened the tape covering, and adds some texture.


My first mistake of the project. I got carried away with the putty filler, and added it to the top of the foamboard roads. It looked great at first, but next morning had completely warped the roads. I had to tear it up, and start over again.


I sprayed the bridge black, and have begun to paint it. This is going to take a while!


Here you can see where I’ve started cutting out the trenchworks.


Using a Commando to measure the height of the trenches. I had originally intended just cutting half-way down into the foam, but it wasn’t enough. This way, the models heads will be just about visible to incoming fire.


I wanted to add a river bank to the waters edge, so carved down on each side and added masking to give a gradual effect. The width of the cut is just enough to fit an infantry base.


Time to add some texture! I covered half the board with wallpaper paste, then sprinkled sand over it. I then knocked the board a bit to shake the excess off, and did the other side in the same way.

image  image

And now I’m just waiting for it all to dry! I’ll share another update soon. Next steps will be to spray paint the boards, and then start adding color and flocking…



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