Let’s Build Pegasus Bridge!

I’ve started building a new terrain board based on the Warlord Games Pegasus Bridge battle set.

Its a little early to start sharing pics of my progress, but needless to say, I’ve build the bridge, the cafe and the bunker, and am now trying to figure out how to get the pungent smell of laser cut wood off my finger tips.

In between numerous periods of waiting for glue to dry, I’ve been plotting the basic framework of how I’ll build the boards. I’ll be using the Warlord Games website tutorial as my guide, and will highlight where I choose to do my own thing.

Firstly, I’m not going to build one big board, it will be my usual, sectional framework, this time, three 2×4 panels, making a 6×4 overall table size. I’m also going to build the river section in the center of the board, not slightly offset like the Warlord version. This will give me the opportunity to put some more buildings behind the cafe side.

I currently have some liquid nails glue drying on square foam insulation boards attached to 5mm wood panels. Once those are dry, I will start to mark out where everything will sit – buildings, roads, trees, etc.

One conundrum I can’t figure out. I’d really like to fill the river with liquid water effects, but how do I retain the edges so it goes up to the edges, but doesn’t leak out before it dries?

More to follow soon!


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