Desert Terrain Board

Last night I finished a new terrain board, intended to be used for North Africa battles during World War 2.

If you know how I usually approach this kind of project; I tend to spend weeks meticulously planning, purchase waaaay more than I need, then get either impatient or frustrated at my results and end up half-assing the whole thing. That being said, these boards turned out a little better than expected!

I’m always torn between making modular terrain, or lose terrain. There’s no doubt modular terrain looks better, but it can be less flexible for changing up the table for different games. I ended up doing a mixture of the two, by having 6 board sections that can be re-arranged, but each would have a modular terrain feature created on it.

I picked up some square foam insulation boards at Home Depot, textured them with sand and then applied several shades of various desert colors to get the arid look. For the hills I used varied grades and thicknesses of foam, built up, then textured with putty to give smoother edges. The rock formations are simply pine bark chips that I foraged from the parking lot at Home Depot (finding them was literally the highlight of my day – oh dear!). Lastly, I added a handful of Woodland Scenics grass and scatter turf for the odd piece of vegetation.

All that remains is for me to either build or buy some buildings to represent a small settlement. Oh and some North Africa themed soldiers, like the 8th Army or DAK would also be useful! I’ll be picking these up at Historicon in July – can’t wait!


North Africa Desert Terrain Table 1

North Africa Desert Terrain Table 4

North Africa Desert Terrain Table 5

North Africa Desert Terrain Table 3

North Africa Desert Terrain Table 2


6 thoughts on “Desert Terrain Board

  1. Oh and modular is the way to go. Stops your boards becoming boring and saves you money in the future building new boards.

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