Taking my Russians to a Bolt Action Tournament

It’s the Memorial Day weekend, and that it means it’s time for me to wander down to LAX and attend Strategicon!

This time, I’m taking part in a one-day 1000 point Bolt Action tournament; my first in quite some time. I opted between a small elite force, like my new Commandos or some Heer veterans backed up with a Tiger, but in the end I chose quantity and am bringing the Soviet horde you see below.

Wish me luck, Comrades!

Bolt_Action_Soviets 1 Bolt_Action_Soviets 2 Bolt_Action_Soviets 3 Bolt_Action_Soviets 4


One thought on “Taking my Russians to a Bolt Action Tournament

  1. The dust settled on another tournament and despite leaving with two losses and a draw, I had a lot of fun. The highlight of the day was me trying to root out a handful of Veteran German soldiers with assault rifles from a building, in a Demolition mission. I threw over 30 infantry, a sniper, and my commander at it, the last one saving the day!

    While I think I had some pretty bad luck, particularly in my last game, I am starting to think my horde of infantry might be better served with some other toys to back it up, particularly some artillery.

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