Vintage Dwarf Treasure

I recently attended a small gaming convention in Southern California, where my good friend, Ilan acquired a veritable treasure trove of ancient lead Dwarfs from the good old days of Games Workshop. Knowing I had a penchant for stocky, bearded cave dwellers, he then kindly sold them to me!

After two days of sorting, organizing, arranging and the like, I now have what I think is an amazing collection of Dwarf models that you just can’t find anymore. I’ve been in this hobby for over 20 years, and I’m stumped at a few minis, so I’d love to know what they are. Let’s take a look at each one in turn:



I know, it’s a mish-mash of minis, but it absolutely screams character and individuality. I could closely examine each of these guys in turn and find their intricate details; something that you just don’t find in the plastic sprues created nowadays. What’s even more unbelievable – I have enough of these guys to make at least another FIVE units! I told you, it was an absolute lead mine. Yes, lead. they’ve left my fingers a dull grey color with their toxic goodness!


Next we have what can be considered a unit of Miners by today’s classification. The second Dwarf along looks like an old prospector – gorgeous! The peg-legged chap in the bottom right is the only miniature I remember from my youth, I believe he was sold in the Dwarf Lords of Legend boxed set.


Some Slayers waiting to get their oath on! I bet each of these bad boys could take on the modern plastic whippersnappers any day!


This last one is the most intriguing for a number of reasons. With the exception of the guy in the bottom right, I’m almost certain these are all Chaos Dwarfs. The one in the top middle has this nightmarish grinning mask on, and the one on the top right is holding what can only be described as a Dwarven Panzerfaust! The reason I’m curious about these, particularly the bottom three is because I’ve got at least 20 of each of them, and the ones on the left and right look like character models to me. The one on the left has something like “Black Claw” written on his tab, the one on the right says “Dwarf Wizard”.

Any help identifying some of these figures would be most appreciated. I already have a Dwarf army spanning two model ranges, and adding these, plus the upcoming new Dwarf releases means I’ll have a staggering army spanning four generations of stunty! Watch this space for when I start painting them.


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