Bolt Action Tournament at Strategicon

I took part in my first Bolt Action tournament yesterday, at Strategicon. I had a great time, but my inexperience certainly showed!

On the plus side, I achieved a goal I didn’t think possible – painting an entire army in one week. And not just any army, but a Soviet infantry horde!

My 750 pt army list was as follows:

Junior Officer with 2 SMG men.

Commissar (Who ended up being completely useless!)

Free unit of 12 Rifles with AT Grenades

10-man LMG Squad

10-man LMG Squad

10-man LMG Squad

3 AT Rifle Teams

1 T34/85

To summarize how they faired in the three games I played, I squandered my infantry and T34 at a rate that would make Uncle Joe proud. The AT rifles surprised a lot of people though and I’ll definitely be taking them in the future.

I’ll finish with a few pics. Thanks to Phil for organizing the tournament, and for his saintly patience!











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