Beginning my Saga

There seems to have been an influx of historical miniature games of late, each offering new rules and minis to wet the wargaming appetite.

One game in particular that seems to have rapidly gained a foothold in the local gaming scene is the Viking-era skirmish system, Saga, by Gripping Beast. Now I know what you’re thinking; yet another rule set, requiring a ton of books, boxes of minis, fancy templates, etc.

Well, this is kind of different – for one, you only need a handful of models to get started and there are some spiffy plastic boxes out there that will knock you back a mere thirty bucks for a sizable starting force. The rulebook too is pretty straightforward and certainly not much larger than an army book for other game systems like FOW or Warhammer.

What really makes Saga different is a game mechanic using D6’s and a sort of stat sheet called a battle board. Basically there’s a core set of rules for movement, shooting, melee and what have you, then a faction-specific battle board that allows all kinds of special moves and unit powers. It’s like an entire army book wrapped into a single sheet! You role a certain amount of dice per turn, which are then allocated on the battle board. It’s simple, but highly entertaining.

At this point it’s worth mentioning that as a historical wargame, Saga is definitely weighted more on the game side than attempting serious historical recreations. This is down to individual taste, and there’s not a catch-all answer to which is right or wrong, but more importantly, the game is fun. Incredibly fun!

I’ve posted some shots of my two starting factions; Vikings and Normans. There are already more reinforcements on the way!

Saga Norman Warlord Saga Norman Knights Saga Norman Warband Saga Viking Warlord Saga Viking Herdmen Saga Viking Warband


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