New Year Gaming Resolutions

The dust has settled on a fantastic Christmas and New Year, so now it’s time to start fresh in 2012 with some New Years’ resolutions.

Last years’ ongoing objective was to break into starting a Russian army in FoW, something that was challenging mostly because it involved exploring a piece of WW2 I had no knowledge of. 12 months on and I’m still learning, but have a sizable Soviet force to show for it, and am planning to compete with them in my first tourney at the end of the month.

So I built the army, now they need somewhere to fight! Yes, objective number one is building an urban city gaming board primarily with a Russian flavor, but able to represent somewhere like Caen or Arnhem too.

I took advantage of the winter break to get a jump start on some of the terrain, planning out various features like ruined buildings, rubble piles, hills and of course, the table boards themselves. More to follow on this in a separate post soon.

My second gaming resolution is intended to be more long term. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m becoming more interested in Napoloeonic era wargaming. I already dipped my toes in the water with some 6mm models a few months ago, and they’re great, however I’ve come to the conclusion that at such a small scale, they’re really not much fun to paint. I’m planning to get hold of some 28mm figs, from Victrix or Perry Miniatures and try my hand at them, and I’ve also ordered Rick Priestley’s Black Powder rulebook.

The last resolution I have is something of a wildcard with a FOW theme, namely adjusting to the new version 3 rules coming out next month, and getting hold of as much Battle of the Bulge stuff as Battlefront sees fit to release. Both plans are little more than rumors at the moment, but I’m still excited to spend my hobby time with them.

Here’s to a happy gaming new year, it’s sure to be an exciting one!


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