Panzergrenadiers – Fall In!

Fall in – I based my Panzergrenadiers with Fall bases – geddit?!

You might have noticed from my previous post on my game groups’ FOW campaign, I was playing with some rather autumnal-looking Panzergrenadiers. This was one of my latest painting projects, and a solid attempt to clear some of the backlog of minis I have waiting to be painted.

Someday I’m going to post a list of all the FOW models* I have waiting to go, but to give some perspective, these guys were bought over a year ago and I still have entire armies of German and British paratroopers still waiting patiently in their little boxes.

In a fit of inspiration, I bought and painted the PZG command team box in a weekend, but then other projects came up. From the start I wanted to do something special for these models as I absolutely love them. Halftracks are my happy place – for some reason, if I want to make my mind wander and think about gaming, I always seem to end up visualizing halftracks. Odd. Here’s how they turned out:

Flames of War Panzergrenadier Command

Flames of War Panzergrenadier Command

Flames of War Panzergrenadiers

Flames of War Panzergrenadiers

Flames of War Panzergrenadiers

I’m pretty happy with the overall way they turned out. One really nice trick I finally tried, was using a toothbrush to flick paint splatters on the halftracks for camo. It’s hard to see in the pics, but it reminded me a lot of pea dot camo. If I ever get around to starting an SS company, I’d use the same technique on the infantry.

So far these guys have taken part in three battles, and resoundingly had their butts handed to them in each one. Methinks the Mounted Assault special rule might not be as awesome as I thought. Still, I’ve had success with my US Armored Rifle Company, which is essentially the same concept, so I’m confident that with a little practice, I’ll get the hang of them soon.

*If I wrote a list of every model I had waiting to be painted, it would break the Internet and we’d all end up living in a world like Mad Max, but with Lady Gaga. This means that by me not painting everything, I’m actually saving the world.


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