FoW Summer Campaign – Week 2

Last weekend saw the second turn of our Firestorm Market Garden campaign, and true to form it was an awesome affair! We managed to play five games between us, including one large two-on-one battle between a British Armored Company and a US Para Company Vs. an SS Panzerkompanie.

Panzergrenadiers take on British Armor

The 502nd hold out against a wave of German machine gun fire

The Airborne's AT guns maul the German halftracks

Here’s the battle map at the end of the second turn. The 101st Airborne have dropped in to give a hand now too!

I stupidly lost both of the games I played in, but the Axis forces continue to hold on to every piece of land they can. Look for the next round of games to be happening soon!

FoW Campaign Map - Week 2


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