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Some of the excellent chaps at my local gaming club, Ordo Ineptus are throwing a short summer campaign based on Operation Market Garden.

Using some modified rules to make gameplay lighter, we’re using the Firestorm boxed set as our campaign tracker. As the campaign organizer, I’ve added an extra twist – both factions, Allied and German, have their own secret blog site, where they can post their strategies and any other useful info to help their cause. I plan on sharing the links with both teams at the end of the campaign, for a laugh!

Last week we played the first round of games – I’m on the German side and fielded a 1000pt Grenadier list… with a Konigstiger of course! Here’s some pics of the event…

The First Battle - Grenadiers Vs. A British Armoured Column

Fallschirmjager dig in against more British armor

And here’s the end-of-turn progress after the first round.

Turn 1

I know, not good news for the Germans!

The next battle… 82nd Airborne make an attack for the Maas-Waal Canal Bridge

82nd Airborne make an attack for the Maas-Waal Canal Bridge


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Gather ye round the hearth fire and I’ll tell thee a yarn of dashing heroes, mighty dragons and adventure most high, ‘pon the seas of the Olde World.”

This is the first monthly installment of my Gamers Tale; a diary following my attempts to start a new army for Warhammer, progressively add to it each month, and end with a force worthy of legend.

It’s the classic “Tale of Four Gamers” kind of article first made popular back in White Dwarf 222. Except there’s just one of me!

The only other thing to remember is, I get $50 a month to spend on my army. I’m going to limit myself to six months too, so I can start something new for Christmas.

I’ll talk more about my love/hate relationship with Warhammer another time, but for now all you need to know is, I’ve been out of the loop for a good few years, with only the occasional look at the Games Workshop website to keep me updated. Then lately I got the bug to try things again, but without my usual dive in head first (or wallet first). Instead I’m going to pace myself and try an army in manageable chunks.

But what army?

Ahhh, that old chestnut of a question. Here are a few of the options I considered, and may well come back to visit some day.

  • Chaos Warrior army of Khorne. Lots of red armor and bad-assery.
  • Vampire Horde… Like painting six months worth of skeletons, kinda-horde.
  • Exquisitely painted Lizardmen. By exquisite I mean not blue. Like in the good old days.

In the end I went with a fourth option… Sea-faring Dark Elves! Lots of Corsairs, led by Lokhir Fellheart. A few Cold One Riders here, a bolt thrower there, you get the picture. The models are absolutely gorgeous, and that’s usually all the matters to me!

Anyway, I’ll keep this short as a first installment, but here’s what I started with – a box of Corsairs, and Mr. Fellheart himself… Plus a couple of paints.

Note the dime used to weigh down the Standard Bearer
One observation I discovered very early on – the quality of sculpting Games Workshop achieve with their plastics nowadays is unbelievable. I mean, wow. Such beauty comes at a price – these things take FOREVER to put together!  Still, I guess that’s part of the fun.

Stay tuned to see what color scheme I go with.

Suggestions for next months purchase are, of course, most welcome!

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Hello, I’m Shane, and this is my new wargaming blog.

Well, technically it’s a blog.

A more accurate description might be, “Somewhere for Shane to chart all the time, money and effort he expends,on his favorite hobby – playing with little toy soldiers.”

For the record, I mainly play Flames of War and the two Games Workshop games; Fantasy Battle and 40K, but as I’m getting older I find myself increasingly interested in more historical ventures.

So where to begin? That’s the problem, and one of the main catalysts for me doing this. I have soooo many wargaming projects, I don’t know were to start, and it worries me a little bit. Not in a, “What the heck am I doing with my life?” kind of worry, but more a “I’ve painted 30-odd British Airborne models and don’t like the look of them – do I carry on, or start from scratch” kind of way.

So, let’s get started!

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