Cruel Seas Vosper Guide

This week I finally got around to putting together my starter set for Cruel Seas. Now, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about model building, but I’ve never tackled a boat before*.

While the boats in the starter set are “technically” easy to put together, if you’re anything like me, telling a 1/300th Vickers from a Oerlikon machine gun is a little more challenging.

I found the guide in the box wasn’t too helpful, so I decided to put together the color-coded guide below to make things easier. If it helps, I’ll create one for the German boats too.

*Except for a brief flirtation with some Langton ships, but we don’t talk about that.

Cruel Seas Vosper Guide


Shane’s 2019 Wargaming Plan

With 2018 firmly in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to look forward and set some hobby goals for the year ahead. Even if I don’t achieve them, I’m an optimist and like to see what I can get done.

If 2018 was focused on playing more games, then I want this year to be about consolidation; focusing on enjoying what I already have, especially my massive backlog of minis to paint, and getting better at playing with the armies I have.

Bolt Action: This is the big one for me, especially after being somewhat disappointed with how little I played it last year. I have boxes of U.S. Airborne, Fallschirmjager and a British Army to build, as well as several laser cut buildings, including a whole train station and railway.

Dux Britanniarum: After buying a huge range of Dark Ages minis and buildings last year, thinking I’d use them with Warlord Games’ Shield Wall or even resurrect Warhammer Ancient Battles, I think a more sensible and frankly, fun rule-set to explore is Too Fat Lardies’s Dux Brit. This is one project that had several false starts last year, partly because something else new and shiny came along, and partly because, well, they’re not the most exciting models to paint. Knowing this, I plan on dipping in and out, completing a unit here and there in between other projects.

Wars of the Roses – Sword & Spear: Another big idea that fell flat last year – are you noticing a theme here? This might end up being something I need to build and play before I commit to painting everything I have for it, but it’s definitely the game I’m most interested in learning to play.

Cruel Seas: Ok so this is technically an entirely new game, but I got the starter set of it for Christmas, so that counts as a 2018 backlog acquisition! I’m also firmly keeping this in the “dipping my toe in before going crazy”  category. I’ll paint the handful of ships in the starter set and give it a try first, no matter how desperate I am to build some Pacific-themed forces to recreate some island landings with Bolt Action.

Warhammer 40K: I’m sure I’ll be playing this a lot again this year, but I bought and built so much of it last year that there’s very little new I plan on building or collecting. I’d like to finally finish my Eldar army once and for all, and complete a few items for my Blood Angels. While I’m not seeing anything on the horizon from Games Workshop that has me itching with excitement, no doubt there will be something that lures my attention this year!

Flames of War: With all the new books coming out for Late War this summer, I’m hopeful to get a few games going with all the minis I haven’t played with in a very long time. I’m also eagerly anticipating building a Stalingrad table.

That’s everything I can possibly see on the horizon right now. It’ll be fun to revisit this and see what I actually get done.

2018 – Wargaming Goal Complete!

If you’re anything like me, the beginning of a new year usually has some kind of gaming-related resolution attached to it. Paint more, buy less, write more blog posts (ha!)… and then by February the shine has worn off and it’s back to the usual habits. This year, I made a different, more meaningful resolution – to play more games. Specifically, a game for every week of the year. This seemed both measurable and achievable, so armed with a little journal to record each game, I set off on a quest to make the most of my hobby in 2018.

2 Chain of Command Games

If there was one game I wish was more common in my area or gaming group, it’s Too Fat Lardies’ Chain of Command. I find it exciting to play, more realistic than its other counterparts, and I love that it’s not about taking the best army list or figuring out how to “break” the game mechanic to win.

The first game was played at Cold Wars as a hosted multiplayer game. The second was a demo game I tried demoing for my friend Wes.

8 X-Wing Games

Nearly all of these small games were played very early in the year. Again, I really like the core mechanics of the game and the unpredictable guesswork in the maneuver sequence. One of my fave games of the year was a big multiplayer battle where I was able to take out a C-ROC Cruiser with a massive barrage of proton torpedoes (before getting completely obliterated but hey!). Needless to say, I have not touched the game since the new edition was released.

12 Flames of War Games

Or more precisely, 9 FOW games, 2 Team Yankee games and the all-important 52nd game of the year, a ‘Nam game. Being the most popular game played in my group, I’m surprised I didn’t play more of this, but I’ve got a feeling I’ll be playing more next year, especially now that my friend Tom and I have got our ‘Nam forces ready. I’m also eager to put my airborne troops back on the table with the rumored new book coming next year. Oh and then I need all the Stalingrad stuff too…

13 Bolt Action Games

After three years of pleading with my pals to get into Bolt Action, some of them finally caved! We enjoyed a good “tale of four gamers” style escalation league over the summer, giving me the opportunity and motivation to finally build my Japanese forces. In addition, I played in a couple of tournaments that packed several games into a single day, racking the game count up fast!

17 Warhammer 40,000 Games

I still can’t believe this. I played more games of 40K in 2018 than the last ten years combined. I could pin it on a number of reasons: GW totally turning around how it engages with the community. The insane rate at which they release new products. The ease of finding an opponent every week. Those all help, but the number one reason for me is simple, I absolute love the latest edition of the rules. They’re relatively simple, but more importantly they’re intuitive. I’m not constantly referring to rule books or having to remember a complex series of steps and special rules.

Don’t get me wrong, I still find myself frustratingly crushed at tournaments with MathHammer, but I find myself coming back for more quite regularly.

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Of course, I’m not stopping to play games for the rest of the year. My 53rd was another 40K game and I’ve still got a couple of weeks before 2019 beckons with a new set of goals. Watch this space to find out what they are!

Flames of War V4 and Sharp Practice

It was a big weekend for me, hobby-wise! On Saturday, my gaming group celebrated the launch of Flames of War version 4 by putting on an event at our local Hobby Town store. I think it was a big success, and there were a number of newcomers who wandered in and shared in the fun. We had a number of new starter boxes, so some of us were busy sticking Grant and Crusader tanks together, while on other tables, people were taking the new rules for their first official outing.

Then on Sunday, a couple of us got together to play our first Sharp Practice game. It’s been our intent to do some AWI gaming for several months now, but for one reason or another it hasn’t happened. Finally, the stars aligned, and we got some small forces onto the table, along with some fantastic scratch-built buildings made by Randy and a Cigar Box terrain mat provided by club member, Tom.

Freshly glued tanks duke it out using the new rules and stat cards

Taking the Sharp Practice rules for a brisk Sunday afternoon walk.

Thanksgiving 2016 Gaming Bonanza

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I had quite an eclectic range of gaming experiences over the four day holiday.

On Friday, some of the guys from my game club came over to play our first games of Star Wars Imperial Assault. We had an awesome time, with Wes playing the fiendish forces of the Imperials, while Tom, Rod and I played the plucky rebels. We’ll definitely be playing more of this soon, I can see it becoming a club staple.

Saturday saw the club’s annual Tanksgiving battle, this year being an Arab Israeli wars battle. I didn’t participate, but got the chance to take some pics of the impressive terrain set-up before everyone blew each other up!

With the long weekend drawing to a close, I took some time to spend Sunday evening painting my first stand of AWI minis. Honestly, they aren’t my greatest work, but I am desperate to get them on the table as soon as possible for some Black Powder battles, so I cut more corners than usual. Once I get more painted, I will put together a more dedicated post.

Oh and I got a Black Friday deal on Blood Bowl,  but that’s a story for another day!

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Flames of War - Tanksgiving 2016

Flames of War – Tanksgiving 2016

Flames of War - Tanksgiving 2016

Flames of War – Tanksgiving 2016

Flames of War - Tanksgiving 2016

Flames of War – Tanksgiving 2016

Flames of War - Tanksgiving 2016

Flames of War – Tanksgiving 2016

British Redcoats from Warlord Games

British Redcoats from Warlord Games

British Redcoats from Warlord Games

British Redcoats from Warlord Games

British Redcoats from Warlord Games

British Redcoats from Warlord Games

American War of Independence – British Line Infantry

Some of the guys at my local game club have decided to embark on a new gaming adventure, with a foray into the American War of Independence.  Tom and Wes will be Colonial generals, while Randy and I have both taken the kings’ shilling. We’ve each got a Warlord Games starter box, and intend using Black Powder rules.

My progress so far has been three line units, undercoated and built, plus a small group of skirmishers. We’re starting with 20-man units and upgrading to larger ones as we get more units ready for battle.

warlord_awi_british_004 warlord_awi_british_002 warlord_awi_british_003 warlord_awi_british_001